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Maths Advanced

A complete tuition experience that will guarantee you remarkable results. At MANA Education, we take care of you every step of the way from your first school assessment to your final HSC exam.

A Complete Tuition Experience.

Custom Exam Papers

Sitting past papers is one of the key elements to HSC success. We generate custom exam papers for you that are tailored to the topics tested in your school so you get the targeted practice you need.

Tutor, Not Lecturer

We know that our student's learning experience is in the hands of our tutors. Not only did they achieve stunning HSC results themselves, but they have years of teaching experience. And no, we aren't boring, disinterested, lecture-style educators. 

1-on-1 Help Sessions

Not only do we provide you with FREE custom past papers to sit at home, but you can book in 1-on-1 help sessions to go through your mistakes with one of our Math specialists.

Frequent Testing

Tests aren't meant to be scary. We design them to help you practice solving problems under strict exam conditions so that you can feel comfortable at school. We help you spot your weaknesses earlier so that we work on what matters most.

You read that right. We provide custom exam papers.

We use proprietary software to generate unlimited custom exam papers for you so that you can do practice questions for the exact topics that will be in your next assessment.

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We Cover The Entire Preliminary Syllabus.


MA-F1 Working with Functions

Trigonometric Functions

MA-T1 Trigonometry and Measure of Angles

MA-T2 Trigonometric Functions and Identities


MA-C1 Introduction to Differentiation

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

MA-E1 Logarithms and Exponentials

Statistical Analysis

MA-S1 Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions

Math Class


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MANA has a great learning environment. They help me identify how to complete exam questions with logical and conceptual thinking.

Jeremy Choi

William Clarke (2022)

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