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We know the pains of using a bad textbook with confusing explanations and a limited question bank that don't prepare students for exams. So we authored our own.

NESA Syllabus

Complete coverage of syllabus dot points included in the recently published edition (2017) by NESA

Detailed Explanations

In-depth explanations to facilitate genuine understanding of mathematical concepts. Summary of key takeaways are also provided.

Sample Questions

All explanations are paired with sample questions so that students can understand how to apply their knowledge to solve exam problems.

Exam Problems

Thousands of exam-style questions from easy through to challenging so that students get the practice they need for mastery.

Worked Solutions

Fully worked solutions for every single question, designed to help students learn from their mistakes and achieve a Band 6 result. 


Extension questions at the end of each exercise to give students an opportunity to practice their problem-solving and critical thinking.


Mana Education is committed to delivering a personalised learning experience like no other.


We want to help you achieve your goals.

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