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Our highly interactive and personalised teaching philosophy means that your child will never feel confused or lost in maths again

Swap hours of unproductive and disorganised studying with structured lessons and personalised resources. Don’t see an improvement in your child’s math results at school after 10-weeks of tutoring with us? Our money-back guarantee means you are eligible for a FULL REFUND.

We Are The Solution To Your Child's Math Struggles

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein

Here’s how we can uniquely help your child improve their Maths results like no other.

Other Tutoring Centres

  • No school-specific classes
  • Standardised exams
  • Classes of 15+ students
  • No online support
  • Tutors that 'lecture'
  • Unresolved mistakes
  • Only end-of-topic exams

MANA Education

  • School-specific classes
  • Personalised exams
  • Groups of 3-7 students
  • 24/7 online help
  • Highly interactive teaching
  • 'No mistakes' policy
  • Weekly quizzes

We’ll Help Your Child Work Towards Achieving 90%+ In Their Next Maths Exam. If You Don’t See An Improvement In Their Exam Results At School After 10-Weeks, You Are Eligible For A Full Refund!


100's of students like Hugo have achieved 90+ in Maths with us.

"The learning environment is very friendly and I never feel uncomfortable asking questions. My confidence in Mathematics has soared ever since joining MANA Education."
Hugo Au
Trinity Grammar


2 years later, he received a Band 6 in both Math 2U & 3U.

The Best Math Tutors In Sydney

2+ Years Experience

UNSW Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

99.85 ATAR

5+ Years Experience

UNSW Bachelor of Advanced Maths (Honours) / Computer Science

98.60 ATAR

3+ Years Experience

UNSW Bachelor of Advanced Maths (Honours) / Computer Science

98.20 ATAR

Who Do We Teach?

We exclusively tutor students in Years 10, 11 or 12! With our focus and expertise in senior mathematics, we can guarantee your child's success.

What Subjects Do We Offer?

We offer tutoring for students studying either
• Maths ADV (2U)
• Maths EXT 1 (3U)

Located only 2-minutes walk from Parramatta train station.

We Provide Custom Exam Papers!

Other tutoring centres give students standardised exams at the end of a topic. They don't talk about it, but there's a heavy downside to this arrangement. It means that students are not getting targeted practice on questions that are actually relevant to their school assessments.... and that's not okay.

At MANA Education, we design personalised exam papers based on assessment notifications that students receive from school. This tailored approach is our secret to helping students maximise their school results.

Highest quality tuition at an affordable price to give every student access to their potential.


Invest In Your Child's Success Today 🚀

With our team of engaging and academically gifted tutors, you can expect to see results immediately. And, if we don’t deliver on our promise to help your child improve after 10-weeks, you are eligible for a FULL REFUND on your tuition fee.  For our terms and conditions, click here.


Students attend TWO lessons every week. The first lesson is called a ‘theory lesson’ and is held on a weekday. This is where students will be learning new syllabus content as well as sitting a weekly quiz. The second lesson is called a ‘tutorial’ and is held on the weekend. In a tutorial, the tutor will review the mistakes made by students in their homework and weekly exam. The purpose here is to clarify knowledge gaps and fix bad habits in a student’s working out.


Maths Advanced (2U)

Theory lesson – 2 hours | Tutorial – 1.5 hours


Maths Extension 1 (3U)
Theory lesson – 2.5 hours | Tutorial – 1.5 hours

In every class at MANA Education, all the students are from the same school. We run small group classes ranging from 3 to 7 students.

Absolutely! Students simply hand in their school assessment tasks to their tutor, and we will dedicate 2-weeks of lessons right before their exam focusing on preparation. MANA will provide customised exams for students based on the specific topics that they are going to be examined on.

Invoices will be sent at the start of each term. The invoice is to be paid via direct bank transfer. 

Our Maths EXT1 program is an integrated course. This means that in the theory lessons, students will be learning both ADV and EXT1 content in accordance with the schedule of their school to make sure they are learning the right content at the right time.

Our money-back guarantee is a way for us to earn your trust because we understand the worries and concerns that you have as a parent. After 10-weeks of tutoring with us, if your child doesn’t see an improvement in their math results at school, you are eligible for a full refund on your tuition fee.

This means that if you are not satisfied with their progress with us and want to discontinue classes, we will give you your money back.
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