HSC Mathematics for Year 10 - 12.
We're Experts.

We believe in finding an educator that is a specialist in a single subject. That is why we promise to only offer Mathematics tuition because that's our true area of expertise.

We understand you.

With our years of experience in teaching mathematics, we understand what you struggle with and what your concerns are. We're here to help.

Bad Teacher

Let's not beat around the bush. Sometimes students are dealt a bad hand and don't have a school teacher that can teach well, nor answer their questions. It happens.


Strict Vetting Process.

Every tutor at MANA must go through a strict vetting process, and receive training from our in-house 'Teaching Academy' before they teach a class. Our team of tutors aren't just high-performing 'smart cookies'. They have also mastered the ability to explain difficult concepts in simple ways, and help students stay on track if they're falling behind. We call them the next generation 'Eddie Woo's'.

Exam Preparation

It's no secret that doing past papers is the best way to prepare for school assessments. That being said, it is challenging to source relevant past papers for practice.


Exam Papers Tailored To You.

It's simple. Students send through their assessment notifications to us and we put together FIVE exam papers which models the structure of their school exam. It will only include questions for the topics that are outlined so that students can get targeted practice.

Seeking Help

It is difficult to raise your hand to ask questions in class. It can be intimidating. This makes it hard for you to get the personalised help you need.


Free 1-on-1 Tutorials Available.

Students are able to book up to 2-hours of tutorials each week to receive 1-on-1 personalised help. All tutorials are ran in-person at our private teaching studio in Parramatta. This gives students an opportunity to clarify any questions that they have with classwork, homework, or upcoming school assessments. 

Can't Focus

In a classroom shared with 20+ other students, it can feel impossible to focus on what the teacher is saying.


Small Group Classes 

All classes are in small groups of no more than 12 students. This means the tutor can spending more time teaching and paying attention to each student, and less time trying to get the class to quieten down and listen. We also offer school-based classes so that students learn with their friends and feel more comfortable to ask questions - available upon enquiry.

Full Refund.
10 Week Trial.


"One thing's for sure. If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting. One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results." 

Stephen R. Covey

Institutions are slow to change. We're here to clean the slate and re-imagine what's possible for education in Australia. Call it confidence. At MANA Education, we are willing to do things differently so that our students achieve results that they didn't think was possible. We want to put our money where our mouth is. During the initial consultation, we will engage in a conversation with you to set goals. If you don't reach your goals and decide to discontinue tutoring with us, we will give you a 100% refund on your first 10 weeks with us. No one else offers this. We agree, it's bold.

The Only Resource You Need. 

All our students receive a textbook that have been authored in-house by academic experts at MANA Education. It has full coverage of the HSC syllabus with detailed explanations, examples, questions and worked solutions. You will never have to worry about math resources again. View sample below.

AdobeStock_105963558 [Converted].jpg

NESA Syllabus

Complete coverage of syllabus dot points included in the recently published edition (2017) by NESA

Detailed Explanations

In-depth explanations to facilitate genuine understanding of mathematical concepts. Summary of key takeaways are also provided.

Sample Questions

All explanations are paired with sample questions so that students can understand how to apply their knowledge to solve exam problems.

Math Experts.


At MANA, we're not satisfied with 'good'. Our standard is 'great'. Every single teacher at our tutoring centre has to go through a very strict, vetting process. Our team consists of only aspiring high school mathematics teachers who are studying a Bachelors of Education, or tutor full-time, period.

Qualified Teacher






Thomas Lawes

USYD Bachelor of Education

9th in NSW - Math Advanced

98 HSC Mark - Math Ext. 1

5+ Years Experience

Happy Young Man

Justin San

Full-Time Math Tutor

96 HSC Mark - Math Ext. 2
98 HSC Mark - Math Ext. 1

5+ Years Experience

Profile photo_edited.jpg

Michael Chan

Full-Time Tutor

98 HSC Mark - Math Ext. 2

98 HSC Mark - Math Ext. 1

6+ Years Experience

Math Class

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